It may be time for a custom home remodel or new build if you have noticed problem areas in your current living space or if you’re considering a move, or simply want a change. Rockhaven Homes explains six  reasons why custom home renovations are the best options for giving your home an upgrade.

  1. Include The Amenities You Want

 When you decide to complete  a custom home renovation, you can customize your home to include all the amenities you want. If you’re thinking about a home renovation, think about what is missing from your home now that could make your life easier. Think about useful spaces such as home office, guest or craft room, or that walk-in panty that you may not have considered or neededwhen you first bought your home.

Leisurely amenities such as a home gym,  a home theatre or a entertainment bar can be added and make for a more comfortable and enjoyable living space

  1. Renovations are Quicker

Opting for a custom home renovation over tearing down your home and starting from scratch can be a quicker way to upgrade your living space. With existing foundations and structure already in place, your focus will be on giving your home a new layout and fresh look. However, if your renovation plans involve internal structural upgrades, or more extensive additions that require foundations and framinga longer lead time can be expected.

  1. Make a solid investment

 Having your home renovated is a great investment. They protect your home from wearing down over the years and increase the overall value of your home while upgrading you’re your needs and wantsYou can keep the location and community that you love and typically afford more for less. This also means that you have put more equity in your home and if you go to sell your property in the future, it will sell for more and be more appealing to buyers.

  1. Personalize Your Home

A custom home renovation allows you to design a homeor alter your space to meet your specific preferences and needs. You can choose functional elements such as the number of bathrooms, the use of natural light, and the layout of the kitchen integrating material selections to reflect your style and colour preferences Furthermore, if someone in your home has special needs, a custom home design allows for wheelchair accessibility, wide bathtubs, larger stairs or even elevators.

  1. Avoid costly maintenance

 If you’ve had your home for several years, you can likely tell that a number of things need to be fixed, patched or adjusted from the wear and tear over time. Instead of numerous “quick fixes” that ultimately are a drain to your bank account, invest once, purposefully, in a renovation that addresses these items all the while getting what you desire.

Packing up your possessions and moving to a new home, getting a custom home renovation is a great way to have everything you want in a home while keeping the memories you have built in it over the years.

  1. Get Creative

 With a custom home renovation, the beauty of a home lies in the details. The right home renovation company, such as Rockhaven Homes, strives to help their clients add unique design elements to their custom homes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a home and provide an opportunity for homeowners to express themselves through their design choices. The focus is on creating a standout home with innovative and tasteful design.

Rockhaven Homes can help you design the home of your dreams. Contact us today for information on our custom home renovations.