Understanding the associated costs is crucial for individuals planning to build a custom home. As you envision the perfect home tailored to your preferences and lifestyle, navigating the financial aspects becomes a significant consideration.

In this blog post, the experts from Rockhaven Homes go over the various factors influencing the costs of custom home building in Georgetown, ON

Factors that Affect the Cost of Custom Home Builds

Site Factors Affecting the Cost

Where you choose to build your home can significantly impact construction costs. Here are a few factors to consider when planning your budget:

  • Regulating Authorities: Towns, Municipalities and Conservation Authorities can all play a role in designing your lot
  • Tree Removal: Will trees need to be cleared to make space for your new home?
  • Soil Composition: Determining the soil depth can affect excavation and groundwork costs.
  • Setbacks and Restrictions: All lots may limit home design options due to setbacks and height restrictions. Existing adjacent homes can also increase costs and logistics.
  • Soil Disposal: Smaller lots may require soil removal due to limited storage space.
  • Terrain: Sloped lots generally cost more to build on than flat lots, with home design tailored to the lot’s grade.
  • Existing Structures: Will an existing house need to be demolished and removed?

These factors can increase the site work and servicing costs. This includes time, labour, and materials, ultimately impacting the overall cost of your home.

Design Factors Affecting the Cost

Remember that choosing an experienced builder before beginning the design phase can lead to cost savings. They can provide guidance and help you understand which features may increase costs to help keep your project within budget.

Below are examples of how custom home design impacts the cost

  • Home Configuration: Due to their smaller footprint, multi-level homes generally cost less per square foot than ranch-style homes.
  • Size: Larger homes often have a lower cost per square foot as expenses are spread out.
  • Windows and Doors: Homes with more or larger windows and doors may incur higher costs due to engineering complexities.
  • Intricacy: Features like ceiling vaults, large walls of windows, or exterior wall jogs can reduce energy efficiency and add expenses to meet building code requirements.
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms: These rooms tend to be the most expensive. Multiple bathrooms can increase the cost per square foot compared to fewer bathrooms in a similar-sized home.
  • Garage: The presence and size of a garage impact overall costs, although it’s often not included in discussions of cost-per-square-foot.
  • Roof Complexity: Intricate roof layouts can substantially increase costs compared to simpler designs.
  • Corners: More corners in the exterior and interior increase wall surface area, consequently increasing construction costs.

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