Building a custom home is a complex process. However, through the Design Plus Program ™ Rockhaven Homes breaks down the home-building process into manageable steps to ensure you have a pleasant experience. Although we make the process simple and inclusive of everything you need, you will ultimately be making the design decisions. We’ve come up with a few different ways to evaluate what you really want in your custom home renovations.

Separate Your Needs from Your Wants

With Rockhaven’s Standard Features and Design Questionnaire, we will guide you in making educated and informed decisions. When picturing your home, be sure to evaluate the things you need and want in order for the home to function properly with your family’s lifestyle. For example, answering questions like, how many bedrooms will it have? How many bathrooms? How big would you like the kitchen to be? Do you want an open floor plan concept? Are there walk-in closets?

Once those main questions are answered, you can then develop a wish list of your dream home. With Rockhaven’s Additional Features, you can answer questions such as “Do you want a loft, a double staircase, vaulted ceilings, or radiant heating?” Locking down your must-haves and wish list gives you a better chance of achieving them with your custom home build.

Focus on the Main Living Space

Another piece of advice to keep from getting too overwhelmed is to place your primary focus on the three main living spaces in every home: the kitchen, the family/great room, and the master suite. These three rooms are the most utilized, so they will solidify your vision and aesthetic for the rest of your home.

Define Your Style and Color Palette

Figuring out the overall look and style you desire for your custom home can make your design decisions much easier. Once you’ve established your style and colour palette, your options become more manageable and allow for a cohesive design throughout the home. There are many design styles of homes you can decide on. Identifying a style will encompass all the other design decisions you will make throughout the process.

Choose Your Finishing Touches

Now that your style is discovered, and the primary colour palette is chosen, the finishing details can now be selected. If you’re looking to go more natural, stick with a neutral palette of tans and wood finishes. If you’re looking for glam and luxury, explore whites and golds. The great thing about a custom home renovation is that you can pick whatever you feel fits your style. Some of the finishing details to consider include the material and colour of the countertops, hardware, flooring, cabinet design, and paint throughout the entire home.

Get Creative

With a custom home, the beauty lies in the details. The right custom home building company, such as Rockhaven Homes, strives to help their clients add unique design elements to their custom homes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing a home and providing an opportunity for homeowners to express themselves through their design choices. The focus is on creating a standout home with innovative and tasteful design.

Rockhaven Homes can help you design the home of your dreams. Contact us today for information on our custom home renovations.